QNAP Walkthrough

This is a quick walkthrough of setting up the Plex-Meta-Manager Docker container in the QNAP “Container Station” UI.


  1. Open Container Station; click “Create” in the left column.

  2. Search for meisnate12/plex-meta-manager.

    On the “Docker Hub” tab you should see the image; click on it and click “Install”.

  3. Select the version you want to run from the dropdown and click “Next”.

    The options are:

    • latest: most recent official release; typically the most stable

    • develop: development release, contains new features that haven’t made it to latest yet, but may have minor problems

    • nightly: bleeding-edge development version; latest fixes go here, but breakage should be expected.

  4. Change the container name if you wish.

    Command line arguments can be entered in the “Entrypoint” field after /tini -s python3 plex_meta_manager.py -- IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE ANY ELEMENT OF THAT COMMAND.

    For example: /tini -s python3 plex_meta_manager.py -- --run

    Information on available command line argument can be found here

    Click “Advanced Settings >>”

  5. Environment Variables can be added here:

    Information on available Environment Variables can be found here

  6. Click Shared Folders Tab:

    Click “Add” in the middle section “Volume from host”.

    “Volume from host” is the location on your QNAP where you want to store the config files. “Mount Point” must be /config

    When finished, click “Create”.