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Plex Meta Manager is an open source Python 3 project that has been designed to ease the creation and maintenance of metadata, collections, and playlists within a Plex Media Server. The script is designed to be run continuously and be able to update information based on sources outside your plex environment. Plex Meta Manager supports Movie/TV/Music libraries and Playlists.

Getting Started

These are the high-level steps you must take to get Plex Meta Manager up and running:

  1. Install Plex Meta Manager; this process is described here.

  2. Once installed, you have to create a Configuration File, which contains URLs and credentials and the like which are used to connect to services like Plex and TMDb.

  3. After that you can start updating Metadata and building automatic Collections by creating a Metadata File for each Library you want to interact with.

  4. After that, explore the Wiki to see all the different Collection Builders that can be used to create collections.


If you find steps 1-3 above daunting, there are some walkthroughs available that will take you through those three steps: getting Plex Meta Manager installed, creating a config file, and creating a couple collections to show how the process works.

  1. The Local Walkthrough covers installing the script natively [not in docker] on your local computer or a remote server.

  2. The Docker Walkthrough covers the same thing, running the script via Docker.

  3. The unRAID Walkthrough gets you started configuring the script in UNRaid. It doesn’t go through the same steps with regard to creating the config file and metadata file, so you may want to go through the Docker Walkthrough first on your computer to gain that understanding.

Development & Nightly Builds

Development and Nightly builds are deemed as “beta” builds which are updated far more frequently than the master branch. Bug fixes, new features and and any other code added to Plex Meta Manager first goes to the nightly branch, followed by the develop branch, before finally being released to the master branch.

The development builds (particularly the nightly branch) is only recommended for those who have a technical knowledge of Plex Meta Manager, and are happy with having to frequently update to receive the latest changes.


Develop GitHub commits since latest stable release (by SemVer)

The develop branch has the most updated documented fixes and enhancements to Plex Meta Manager. This version is tested and documented to some degree, but it is still an active development branch, so there may be rough edges.

Switching to develop:

Add “:develop” to the image name in your run command or configuration:


In the directory where you cloned PMM:

git checkout develop

To switch back:

git checkout master

If switching to the develop build, it is recommended to also use the develop branch of the wiki, which documents any changes made from the Master build.


Nightly GitHub commits since latest stable release (by SemVer)

This branch will have squashed commits which can cause git pull/git fetch to error you can use git reset origin/nightly --hard to fix the branch.

There is also a nightly build which will have the absolute latest version of the script, but it could easily break, there is no guarantee that it even works, and any new features will not be documented until they have progressed enough to reach the develop branch.

Switching to nightly:

Add “:nightly” to the image name in your run command or configuration:


In the directory where you cloned PMM:

git checkout nightly

To switch back:

git checkout master

As this build is subject to extreme change, there is no promise of the feature being documented in the nightly branch of the wiki and all discussions relating to changes made in the nightly build will be held within the Plex Meta Manager Discord Server.

Example Usage

Plex Meta Manager gives the user the power to curate a set of Collections to make discovering and organizing media easy. They can be built either using plex-based searches/filters, or by using popular builders such as TMDb, IMDb, Trakt, MDBList, MyAnimeList and many more.

Some example collections that can be created are:

  • Trending/Popular (based on TMDb, IMDb, Trakt, etc.)

  • Streaming Service (such as Netflix, Disney+, etc.)

  • Networks

  • Studios

  • Genres

  • Actors

  • Decades

Below are some user-curated collections which have been created by Plex Meta Manager.

Movie Collection Preview

Movie Library Preview

Show Collection Preview

Show Library Preview

Default and User Metadata/Overlay Files

The overlays and collection built in the images above can be easily added to any plex by using the PMM Defaults. These Files were created by the PMM team to make it easier than ever to have customized collections and overlays.

To see user submitted Metadata configuration files, and you to even add your own, go to the Plex Meta Manager Configs.

Plex Meta Manager can manage the metadata fields for movies, shows, seasons, episodes, artists, albums, tracks, and collections, which can allow you to have a full backup of your customizations in case of a database loss.

Discord Support Server

Before posting on GitHub about an enhancement, error, or configuration question please visit the Plex Meta Manager Discord Server. we have a dedicated support thread system so that your query can be dealt with efficiently by our team and community.

Feature Requests

If you have an idea for how to enhance Plex Meta Manager or just want to vote on what should be added next please visit the Feature Request Page.

Errors and Configuration Questions

If you are unable to use the Plex Meta Manager Discord Server, please follow this guidance:

  • If you’re getting an Error please update to the latest version and then open a Bug Report if the error persists.

  • If you see a mistake/typo with the Plex Meta Manager Wiki or have an idea of how we can improve it please open a Wiki Request

  • If you have a metadata configuration query please post in the Discussions.


  • Pull Requests are greatly encouraged, please submit all Pull Requests to the nightly branch.

IBRACORP Video Walkthrough

IBRACORP made a video walkthough for installing Plex Meta Manager on unRAID. While you might not be using unRAID the video goes over many key aspects of Plex Meta Manager and can be a great place to start learning how to use the script. Please note, since the making of the video, some significant changes have been made to Plex Meta Manager 1.17 and beyond so always reference the wiki for the latest details.