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AniDB Attributes

Configuring AniDB is optional but can unlock more features from the site

Using client and version allows access to AniDB Library Operations.

Using username and password allows you to access mature content with AniDB Builders.

All AniDB Builders still work without this, they will just not have mature content

An anidb mapping is in the root of the config file.

Below is a anidb mapping example and the full set of attributes:

  client: #######
  version: 1
  language: en
  cache_expiration: 60
  username: ######
  password: ######

Attribute Allowed Values Default Required
client AniDB Client Name N/A
version AniDB Client Version N/A
language ISO 639-1 Code of the User Language. en
cache_expiration Number of days before each cache mapping expires and has to be re-cached. 60
username AniDB Username N/A
password AniDB Password N/A

To get a Client Name and Client Version please follow the following steps.

  1. Login to AniDB

  2. Go to you API Client Page and go to the Add New Project Tab.

    AniDB Add Project

  3. Fill in the Project Name with whatever name you want and then hit + Add Project. The rest of the settings don't matter.

  4. After you've added the project you should end up on the Projects Page. If not go back to the API Client Page and click your projects name.

  5. Once you're on the project page click Add Client in the top right.

    AniDB Add Client

  6. Come up with and enter a unique to AniDB Client Name

  7. Select HTTP API in the API Dropdown

  8. Put 1 for Version.

    AniDB Client Page

  9. Put the Client Name and Client Version you just created in your config.yml as client and version respectively.

      client: UniqueAniDBName
      version: 1
      language: en
      cache_expiration: 60