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Kometa Guides, Explanations & Recipes

This page outlines the explanations, guides and recipes that will help you understand certain aspects of Kometa that may not be easily understood without expanded context or examples that would be difficult to provide in the standard wiki pages.

Special credit to Chazlarson for the time and effort he has spent developing a lot of these guides.

Installation Guides

These guides will walk you through installing Kometa on your system.


The below guides and recipes have been created to assist users with various aspects of Kometa's and its companion scripts.

Using positional vs non-positional overlays

The plan is to convert some or all of these to Markdown; for now, here are links to the source Google Docs

Note that these may refer to "Plex Meta Manager", the former name of Kometa. They will be updated as time allows.


Asset experiments with Kometa

Collection Ordering in Kometa

dynamic director thing for prince

frasderp tests

Overlay experiments with Kometa

Running ImageMaid

Template modifications to status overlay


A lot of these guides are stored on Google Drive as using the traditional wiki pages would make the formatting difficult to understand.

Kometa Cookbook

Things that got covered in the discord.

asset folder creation


Associated Git Repos

  • ArrAPI
    • Module to interface with Radarr/Sonarr
  • TMDbAPIs
    • Module to interface with TMDb
  • kometautils
    • Module for various common files among Kometa Repos

Demo Video

This YouTube video has been created by one of our community members to showcase some of the things that Kometa can do for you.

Caveat: it is very long, and the author has their own ideas as to what is "required". For example, this video begins with setting up a third-party script that is not required to use Kometa.