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Award Separator Collections

The separator_award Default Collection File is used to create a separator collection for Awards.

Requirements & Recommendations

Supported Library Types: Movie, Show

Collections Section 130

Collection Key Description
Award Collections separator Separator Collection to denote the Section of Collections.


The below YAML in your config.yml will create the collections:

      - default: separator_award
  TV Shows:
      - default: separator_award

Template Variables

Template Variables can be used to manipulate the file in various ways to slightly change how it works without having to make your own local copy.

Note that the template_variables: section only needs to be used if you do want to actually change how the defaults work. Any value not specified will use its default value if it has one if not it's just ignored.

Variable Lists (click to expand)
  • Shared Separator Variables are additional variables available since this Default contains a Separator.
Variable Description & Values
use_separator Description: Turn the Separator Collection off.
Values: false to turn of the collection
sep_style Description: Choose the Separator Style.
Default: orig
Values: amethyst, aqua, blue, forest, fuchsia, gold, gray, green, navy, ocean, olive, orchid, orig, pink, plum, purple, red, rust, salmon, sand, stb, or tan
sort_prefix Description: Changes the prefix of the sort title.
Default: !
Values: Any String
sort_title Description: Changes the sort title of all collections.
Default: <<sort_prefix>><<collection_section>>_!<<title>>
Values: Any String
placeholder_tmdb_movie Description: Add a placeholder Movie to the Separator. Only valid for Movie libraries.
Values: TMDb Movie ID
placeholder_tvdb_show Description: Add a placeholder Show to the Separator. Only valid for Show libraries.
Values: TVDb Show ID
placeholder_imdb_id Description: Add a placeholder Movie/Show to the Separator. Valid for Movie or Show libraries assuming the ID points to an item of the correct type.
Values: IMDb ID
name_separator Description: Changes the name of the specified key's collection.
Values: New Collection Name
summary_separator Description: Changes the summary of the specified key's collection.
Values: New Collection Summary
collection_section Description: Changes the sort order of the collection sections against other default collection sections.
Values: Any number
collection_mode Description: Controls the collection mode of all collections in a Defaults file.
defaultLibrary default
hideHide Collection
hide_itemsHide Items in this Collection
show_itemsShow this Collection and its Items
url_poster_separator Description: Changes the poster url of the specified key's collection.
Values: URL directly to the Image
Example Template Variable Amendments

The below is an example config.yml extract with some Template Variables added in to change how the file works.

Click the icon to learn more

      - default: separator_award
          sep_style: purple #(1)!
  1. Use the purple Separator Style