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Separators Default Collection Files

Separators are a special form of collections which are used similar to index cards in a library, they help to "split up" collections by identifying categories (such as "Studio Collections" and "Holiday Collections").

These are empty collections which do not contain any movies/shows themselves, but highlight that the collections which follow it are of a certain category.

Below is an example of a separator, which can be seen surrounded by a red square.

Important Note:

Plex does not support creating these empty collections natively through its UI, so they can behave strangely in some cases, primarily related to showing/hiding them in the main library view. As a workaround, you can use a placeholder_ template variable to specify a single movie/show to add to these collections so they have one thing in them and will then behave as expected. For example, placeholder_imdb_id: tt0068646 will place The Godfather inside the separator in a movie library.

Separator Files

These are all the files that contain a separator

Collection Name Default File
Seasonal Collections seasonal
Chart Collections separator_chart
Universe Collections universe
Streaming Collections streaming
Network Collections network
Genre Collections genre
Studio Collections studio
Country Collections country
Audio Language Collections audio_language
Subtitle Language Collections subtitle_language
Decade Collections decade
Year Collections year
Ratings Collections content_rating*
Resolution Collections resolution*
Award Collections separator_award
Actors Collections actor
Directors Collections director
Producers Collections producer
Writers Collections writer
Based On... Collections based

Shared Separator Variables

Template Variables can be used to manipulate the file in various ways to slightly change how it works without having to make your own local copy.

Note that the template_variables: section only needs to be used if you do want to actually change how the defaults work. Any value not specified is its default value if it has one if not it's just ignored.

Shared Variables are NOT available to separator collections in any default file.

Variable Description & Values
use_separator Description: Turn the Separator Collection off.
Values: false to turn of the collection
sep_style Description: Choose the Separator Style.
Default: orig
Values: amethyst, aqua, blue, forest, fuchsia, gold, gray, green, navy, ocean, olive, orchid, orig, pink, plum, purple, red, rust, salmon, sand, stb, or tan
sort_prefix Description: Changes the prefix of the sort title.
Default: !
Values: Any String
sort_title Description: Changes the sort title of all collections.
Default: <<sort_prefix>><<collection_section>>_!<<title>>
Values: Any String
placeholder_tmdb_movie Description: Add a placeholder Movie to the Separator. Only valid for Movie libraries.
Values: TMDb Movie ID
placeholder_tvdb_show Description: Add a placeholder Show to the Separator. Only valid for Show libraries.
Values: TVDb Show ID
placeholder_imdb_id Description: Add a placeholder Movie/Show to the Separator. Valid for Movie or Show libraries assuming the ID points to an item of the correct type.
Values: IMDb ID
name_separator Description: Changes the name of the specified key's collection.
Values: New Collection Name
summary_separator Description: Changes the summary of the specified key's collection.
Values: New Collection Summary
collection_section Description: Changes the sort order of the collection sections against other default collection sections.
Values: Any number
collection_mode Description: Controls the collection mode of all collections in a Defaults file.
defaultLibrary default
hideHide Collection
hide_itemsHide Items in this Collection
show_itemsShow this Collection and its Items
url_poster_separator Description: Changes the poster url of the specified key's collection.
Values: URL directly to the Image

Use Separators

Separators are enabled by default, but can be disabled/enabled per-file and per-library.

An example of disabling separators at the library-level can be seen here

      use_separator: false

And at the file-level

      - default: studio
          use_separator: false

Separator Styles

Multiple styles are available for Separators, to match Plex's "categories" feature.

The available styles available are:

Style Value
Original orig
Amethyst amethyst
Aqua aqua
Blue blue
Forest forest
Fuchsia fuchsia
Gold gold
Gray gray
Green green
Navy navy
Ocean ocean
Olive olive
Orchid orchid
Pink pink
Plum plum
Purple purple
Red red
Rust rust
Salmon salmon
Sand sand
Brown stb
Tan tan

This image shows an example separator in each of the above styles

An example of changing the separator style at the library-level can be seen here

      sep_style: red

And at the file-level

      - default: studio
          sep_style: stb